Our vision is to enable massive deployment of intelligent robots for enterprise markets by making them more efficient, affordable, and reliable.

Smart Warehouse

- cost effective robotic solution to support 7x24 operationcost

- seamless implementation with minimal modification & interruption to existing operation

- proven solution that can be deployed quickly and yet allow customization to fit individual environment

AI Applications

Occupational Safety

Applying intelligent edge enable us to automatically identify and respond to safety hazards in real time

Advanced analysis

Partitioning a digital image into segments to simplify the representation into the minimally sufficient info.

Workplace automation

Trained AI to remove the repetition and dull tasks and enable staff to focus on highest “value-added activities”

Edge AI for Predictive Solutions

By processing data locally to avoid the problem with streaming and storing a lot of data to the cloud that makes you vulnerable from a privacy perspective; plus you could allow real time operations including data creation, decision and action, minmize costs for data communication, because less data will be transmitted, and reduce power consumption and thus improving battery life

NVIDIA GTC 2019, Silicon Valley 

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HKSTP Inception Awards 2019

we wontop 5 !

Using the Edge AI devices comprising industrial level  



Robot Data Company Limited

robotics + ai

Robot Data Company Limited (also known as Robot Data), was founded in April 2017, is a Vertical Service Provider (VSP) in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics. It leverages ready technologies to address industry-specific problems using i) Computer Vision ; ii) Deep Learning or machine learning ; iii) Predicative analysis. More importantly, Robot data focuses on iv) software AI robots or workers too. Robot data has been a member of the Inception program of NVIDIA. Leveraging their knowledge and technology, Robot Data is developing solutions, from intelligent data acquisition, end-to-end analysis and execution to industrial data automation, data annotation and analysis at a reasonable low cost and short time frame.